About the Program

This five-year dual degree program prepares students to spend a year living, studying, and working as engineers in China. Students will gain hands-on engineering experience in one of the fastest industrializing economies in the world while also becoming increasingly competent to navigate in both Chinese language and culture.

How It Worksshanghai

Students in the dual degree program will earn a BA in Chinese and BS in engineering. They will spend their 4th year in Shanghai, the biggest and most dynamic city in China. In the first semester they will study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University – University of Michigan Institute perfecting their knowledge of Chinese language and culture as well as completing some engineering elective courses taught in English.  During the spring semester they will pursue an engineering internship in Shanghai and during summer take a few more engineering courses in English to finish the year. The program is open to any qualified engineering student with sufficient credits in Chinese.  Provided students begin in their very first year, this program requires no previous knowledge of Chinese.

About Shanghai

Today, Shanghai is a major center of economic power. Besides being one of its great cultural centers, it is also the economic, financial, trade and science and technology center of China. Its international status, its location in east China mean it provides easy access to both south and north China. It’s mild weather throughout the year has also contributed to making Shanghai a favorite destination in China from the world over.

Internship Opportunities in Shanghai

This program will provide students with invaluable cultural and technical know-how in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Shanghai is a global leader in information technology, a major center for advanced manufacturing and is home to a dynamic start-up environment.

Know-How for Careers in the Chinese Business Evironment

AsiaTech engineers will not just bring sophisticated technical know-how to their future careers. They will have Chinese language skills and cultural skills that are indispensable for working in China as well as in American companies with important Chinese affiliations, or in the growing number of sites into which Chinese companies have now expanded across the globe.