Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a dual degree program?

    It means you graduate with both a B.A. in a particular language and culture and a B.S.E. in any engineering field (civil, mechanical, chemical, biomedical, computer, environmental, etc..) offered at UConn. Since you will be getting the equivalent of two undergraduate degrees while also spending a full year abroad, this program lasts five years.

  • What programs are available?

    There are three programs that are offered – German (EUROTECH), Spanish (ESP-Engineering Spanish Program), and French (Technopole France)

  • What about living learning communities?

    In fall 2020, the EUROTECH Living Learning Community has become all-inclusive and is called “International Engineering House.” For incoming freshmen, you can apply during your housing selection application process and is open to all students interested in any one of the international engineering programs.

  • When do I go abroad?

    During the fourth year, for the entire academic year. You will spend the fall semester at a university abroad enriching your already advanced level of language and culture so that you will be prepared to work in an international environment. During the spring semester, you will pursue an engineering internship in this country.

  • What are the professional advantages and opportunities?

    This prestige program attracts some of the most creative and multifaceted students at UConn. It will allow you to acquire real-world international experience in your technical field and the competence to live and work in a foreign culture making you competitive for graduate programs and careers in the US and abroad.  UConn works with many international companies that need bilingual engineers right here in the State of Connecticut.

  • How do I apply?

    You apply directly to the Engineering School at UConn. Once you are accepted, you will be invited to join the International Engineering Program at orientation or during your first year. You can now declare your additional degree in one of the four programs at If you are interested, please contact the director of the language and culture program you wish to join (see Contact).