Languages Courses: Special Eurotech Sections

Separate German sections for 1131, 1132, 1133 and 1134 are designated EUROTECH sections so that students in the program may get to know one another and may be introduced to technical vocabulary and material. However, the material covered in the EUROTECH sections does not differ very much from that covered in the other sections. If a section that is not designated EUROTECH fits your schedule better for any given semester, you can take it!

German 1131 & 1132 (Beginning German I & II): The German EUROTECH sections share the goals and methodology of regular 1131 and 1132 sections, that is, the material has to do with everyday living, basic grammar is presented, and the approach is communicative. In the EUROTECH sections, however, we try to cover materials that prepare you for dealing with engineering topics in German.

German 1133 & 1134 (Intermediate German I & II): These two courses are similar to the 1131 and 1132 courses in that their material, grammar and approach follow the same guidelines as the regular German classes. Just as in 1131 and 1132, the intermediate classes include material of particular interest to engineering students. It is also in this year that the students begin to work in the computer laboratory, finding German e-mail partners and working with interactive computer modules, such as the “Ottomotor” and the “Hubschrauber”.