Transferring Credits

Here are some guidelines that will make the transfer of credits for courses you have taken abroad go more smoothly:

  1. Look at your plan of study as you are planning for your stay abroad and determine what courses you should take there. In particular, pay attention to courses that might not get offered during the semester(s) when you are back at UConn. Discuss your plans with both your German advisor and your engineering major advisor.

  2. Determine (through the web or by phone) if the courses you need are offered at the university you intend to go to. Consult with your advisors on what you found out, in particular in order to make sure that the course is offered at the level that you need. Also, the courses you select should “match” UConn courses in regard to course title, content, and level. German has a generic course “Study Abroad (Germ 3293)” that allows you to transfer a variety of courses as either literature or non-literary courses.

  3. While you are there, create a file of all necessary paper work: a course description including an indication of how many hours per week the course meets (“Semesterwochenstunden”) and what the written requirements are. Tell your instructor that you will need a “benoteten Schein:” not all German universities issue grades for course performance, so you will have to make sure you get a grade that gets noted on the piece of paper called “Schein.” The “Schein” in Germany takes the place of transcripts and is issued by the instructor of the course upon completion of all written requirements of the course. Your copy of your “Schein” might be the only one that exists, so don’t lose it! Keep a copy of all the written work.

  4. Take all paperwork to the German advisor, Sebastian Wogenstein, for processing.