About the Program

The Technopole France program represents an exceptional opportunity for engineering students to gain hands-on international engineering experience even as they also complete a B.A in French and Francophone Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. In this five-year program, student spend their fourth year at the Université Fédérale de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées in southern France in the city of Toulouse which lies within sight of the Pyrenees.

How it Works

During the fall term students will complete much of their degree in French and Francophone culture while intensively perfecting their language skills at one of the best Humanities schools in France. In the spring, student will use their cultural and language skills in an engineering internship either in a company like Airbus or in a major research lab in their area of interest. No French is required to begin the program if one begins in freshman year.

The University of Toulouse

The Université Fédérale de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées , which serves 120,000 students, includes a set of distinct universities with no less than eight separate engineering schools, five of them super-selective and all of them open to UConn students which produce the highest number of engineering degrees in France. What is more, because it has turned into such an important research and industrial hub, the University of Toulouse has exceptional facilities for students studying abroad.

Toulouse Region: A Silicon Valley of Europe

The Toulouse region might be compared to Silicon Valley in the way in which it blends a huge concentration of tech firms, industry, research groups, and universities.  The core industries of the region include Aeronautics and Aerospace, Biomedical/Cancer Research, Food Systems and Ecological Engineering, but students will find that opportunities are so extensive that the Toulouse program can accommodate just about any engineering field of interest.

Careers in the U.S. and Global French Community

Technopole France engineers will not just bring sophisticated technical know-how to their future careers.  They will have the global experience and language skills that make them attractive to American companies who need engineers comfortable working with global partners and as well as grooming the extensive network of French-affiliated companies that operate around the world.