An Alternate EUROTECH Schedule

Below is an example of how you can finish the program on time even if you start late with the German coursework. This is just an example; there are other ways of doing this. They mainly depend on what language courses individual students have taken prior to arriving at UConn, are able to take over the summer or during intersession (between Fall and Spring semester) or during their study/work abroad period.

Example: Starting with German in your third year


Year 1

just engineering, no German Studies

Year 2

just engineering, no German Studies

After having completed two years you realize that you want to go global! Here’s what you can do:

Summer Preceding Year 3

Take the equivalent of First Year German Studies (1001-1002; 8 credits) during summer session at UConn. There are other options as well (see below).

Year 3

GERM 1003 (4 credits) GERM 1004 (4 credits)
GERM 3220 (1 credit) GERM 3221 (1 credit)
 GERM 3251 (3 credits)

Year 4

Study Abroad: Work Abroad
Take the equivalent of GERM 3233-3234 (6 credits)
as “Deutsch als Fremdsprache” courses
offered at a German university and, for example, one
course under 3293 that counts as a literature course.
GERM 3292 – Practicum (6 credits)
ENGR 3181 – Internship Abroad

Year 5

GERM 3222 (1 credit) GERM 3261W (3 credits)
GERM 4246 Capstone

OTHER WAYS OF GETTING YOUR GERMAN LANGUAGE TRAINING that can make your schedule more flexible and/or speed up your progress in the program:


  1. Depending on enrollments and availability of instructors, UConn’s German Studies section will offer intersession courses (between Fall and Spring semester) and summer session courses. Course offerings will be announced to the engineering advisors to make interested students aware of them.
  2. Study Abroad, see the example above and F. Weidauer for a variety of alternatives to this example.
  3. The Goethe Institute, German language and cultural institutes located all over the world, offer German courses in all major US cities as well as across Germany and in the rest of the world. It is possible to get these courses transferred as UConn credits.
  4. Other commercial and non-profit language schools. Credit transfer depends on the quality of the individual program.