Declaring Your German Major

This involves two steps:

  1. Petition for a dual degree by filing the petition form with the registrar’s office website under forms. Forms are available from the Registrar’s Office, the Office of Undergraduate Programs in Engineering, the CLAS Academic Services Center, and Sebastian Wogenstein, the undergraduate German advisor. This is necessary because you receive two degrees from two different schools, the BSE/BS from the School of Engineering, the BA from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (of which German is a part).
  2. Declare your German major by filing a Declaration of Major form in the office of the Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages (Oak 207). It is recommended that EUROTECH students do this when they are in German 1134, because by then they are eligible for study abroad and no student should go abroad before consulting Prof. Wogenstein about requirements. This is also a good opportunity to go over your Plan of Study to make sure you are aware of all requirements.

Towards the end of your program, at the latest during your last semester at UConn, you will have to see Sebastian Wogenstein again to complete your final Plan of Study. This ensures that you have completed the General Education requirements of the School of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the requirements for your German Studies major.