Declaring Your German Studies Major

Please go to to add a new major. Please select Eurotech and not German Studies. If you select German Studies, it will drop your engineering major. This process will be completed after day 10 of the fall semester and on a rolling basis throughout the school year. You will receive a German Studies Advisor – Prof. Sebastian Wogenstein or Prof. Anke Finger and an advisor in the  CLAS Advising Center advisor.

To learn more about the German Studies major, please visit the German Studies information in the Department of Literatures, Culture

Towards the end of your program, at the latest during your last semester at UConn, you will have to see Prof. Sebastian Wogenstein again to complete your final Plan of Study. This ensures that you have completed the General Education requirements of the School of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the requirements for your German Studies major.