Working at a German Company: Your Internship Abroad

The internship is the centerpiece of the EUROTECH Program, and quality work experience is vital to its success. The program directors will make sure that the internship will be appropriate for seniors in the respective engineering program. You will be enrolled in an on-line course in which you receive help and report on your progress.

Before you start your internship (usually in the second half of your year abroad) a hands-on workshop will prepare you for all aspects of the application process: CV-writing, letters of application, and mock interviews.

Once you start the application process for your year abroad, please inform the co-directors of your plans. This will help us to give you tips and directions for your internship search.

Since you will earn up to six credits in German Studies for the internship, you will submit a report about it after you are finished: one part is dedicated to your expectations and plans, another on how things are going somewhere in the middle of the internship, and a third as a concluding assessment when you are done.

The German professors in the program will give you feedback on your reports so you will know what is expected of you. If necessary we will ask you to submit revised versions of these reports before credit is given.

Upon your return from Germany, you will share what you have learned in a forum of EUROTECH participants and visit lower level classes to answer students’ questions. We would like to ask you to provide us with pictures to make it more interesting and for use in our online news blog.

Your internship experience will be useful in carrying out the required senior project in engineering, emphasizing teamwork and practical application of your professional experiences.