Special EUROTECH Courses

German 3220 through 3222

A unique part of the EUROTECH curriculum is the module course series. This series features three courses that you take during your second and third years. The “module” courses meet only once every week and each carry only one credit hour.

These courses are a special part of the curriculum because they feature guest speakers who are experts in the field of engineering. These guests are either from the University of Connecticut community or from Connecticut industry. They speak to students for three or four of the fourteen class periods per semester. During the remaining periods we prepare for or review these guest lectures, using these opportunities to hone your ability to understand and speak about this material in German.

  • German 3220 (German Recitation in Applied Mechanics): This course features a project based approach to topics in engineering, for example the science behind roller coastters. Students take this course after they have completed German 1001 and 1002, while simultaneously taking German 1003. The course deals with technical German in engineering through the basic concepts and problem-solving techniques used in applied mechanics.
  • German 3221 (Introduction to the Sciences in German): This course is taken concurrently with German 1004. Students are prepared by German faculty and graduate assistants for a series of lectures by scientists and engineers from Connecticut industry. These guest speakers will present German lectures on topics fundamental to the various engineering disciplines, the natural sciences, and mathematics. Lectures can cover a variety of topics that could include anything from electron-beam welding, to the helicopter, to the development of the automatic lathe. We also prepare a first version of your German job application materials.
  • German 3222 (Fields of Technology): The third module course is taken simultaneously with German 3233, Advanced Language Skills. German 3222 features four lectures from German-speaking engineers or scientists from the university or industry who speak on topics pertaining to your training and careers as engineers.

In both Germ 3221 and 3222 you develop a presentation on a topic of your own choice. Using the experience gained from the four lectures, you can refine your own presentation styles and techniques. Some topics in the past have been: energy, public transport concepts, particulate filters, delayed resonators, hydraulics, and chemical reactions.

Germ 3220 – 3222 count as one three credit course towards your German Major.