Regular EUROTECH Schedule

This is a general description of the German Studies Major and how you incorporate it year-by-year with your engineering course work. By sticking to the courses listed here, you will get your German Studies major in the most efficient way as many of these courses also fulfill General Education requirements (see the previous page for details). There is some flexibility with those courses marked by an *, how you can move these courses around is explained below:




First Year


Germ 1131 (4 credits)

Germ 1132 (4 credits)


Second Year


Germ 1133 (4 credits)

Germ 1134 (4 credits)

Germ 3220 (1 credit)

Germ 3221 (1 credit)


Third Year


Germ 3233 (3 credits)

Germ 3234 (3 credits)


(the sequence 3233-3234 is direct preparation for your study or work abroad period; in these courses you discuss cultural differences and practical issues of coping with the experience of a different culture)


Germ 3222 (1 credit)
Germ 3255W (3 credit)


Fourth Year


Study Abroad

Germ 3293* (12 – 18 credits)

 Internship Abroad

Germ 3292
Engr 3181

(6 credits)
(no credits)







Fifth Year


Germ 3261W (3 credits)


Germ 3251 (3 credits)
Germ 4246 Capstone (3 credits)


Germ 3293 are credits you transfer to UConn for courses taken abroad. Depending on what courses you have taken, they can be applied towards credit for a number of the 3000-level German courses. As outlined under “Transferring Credits, make sure the courses you intend to take match courses offered at UConn and that you save the appropriate paperwork!