German Studies Requirements

The next several pages contain sample course schedules that show you how to fit the German Studies courses into your engineering schedule. One assumes that you start German in your first semester at UConn, the other shows an example on how to do the German degree even if you waited the first two years to get started. It is your responsibility to obtain the most current plan of study and course schedule for your engineering major. The undergraduate engineering advisor has the current version. There will inevitably be changes during your undergraduate career, since each department strives to keep its program current and first-rate. If you have any questions about changes or different requirements for your engineering major that you see subsequent to this date, see your major advisor listed for that department.

German Studies Major Advisor: Prof. Sebastian Wogenstein 

These are the requirements for the German Studies Major:

You must take: 3233 3234 3251


3220 + 3221 + 3222  4246
You must take three of these: 3200 3231 3232 3245
3271 3280W 3261W
3285 3293*† 3296* 3298*
(* if the course is on a non-literary topic)
At least three LTL courses may be substituted for one of the above.
You must take one of these: 3252W 3253W 3254W 3255W
3293*† 3296* 3298*
(* if the course is on a literary topic)

† This is the course number under which you transfer credits if you do study abroad. See the rules for how to transfer credits.

The BA also requires twelve credits in related field(s) at the 3000-level which, in your case, are made up by 3000-level Engineering courses.

The schedules assume that you have no previous experience with the language and will begin the program with elementary German (GERM 1001). If you have already developed some facility with the language, the German Studies Section will test and place you at the appropriate level of language instruction. A dual degree at the University of Connecticut requires at least 30 credits of additional course work, a total of 164 credits for engineering majors. Advanced placement in German Studies does not reduce the number of courses you have to take, but it does eliminate some required courses and allows more electives.