Internship Preparation in the US

It is important that you spend some time gaining practical experience in the United States before you embark on your internship in Germany. The companies in Germany stated that it would be best if the EUROTECH students had some industrial experience before coming to Germany. For this reason, you are encouraged to participate in summer work experience. At least one summer is required, but two summers of work in industry are desirable. It is your responsibility to seek these summer positions. We will provide you with the names of company contacts.

Please attend the University sponsored Career Fairs. This provides you an additional opportunities to find summer internships. We are trying to bring more German companies to these career fairs.

In addition you are responsible for:

  • Preparing a professional resume and keeping it up to date (beyond what we do in this respect in Germ 3221),

  • Submitting a report on the summer work by the end of the summer,

  • Requesting that your supervisor complete the report on your summer assignment.

The potential employers in Germany want to know what experience you have had in the USA and how well you did. This is the reason for the reports. Your own report, which is written in German, also gives you some extra practice in composition.