Eurotech 25th Anniversary Celebration

Eurotech Program  Brochure
German Delegation plus Inga Poetzl and Renate Seitz,  Friedemann Weidauer and others
Vice President Dan Weiner, Elisabeth von Wagner (German Consulate) and Friedemann Weidauer (from left to right)

On April 11, 2018, the Eurotech Program celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the UConn Alumni Center on the Storrs Campus. We hosted around 120 guests including alumni, current students, faculty, staff, special guests and key corporate partners from Trumpf, MTU Aero Engines, IMCORP, Praxiar, and Arburg. Dr. Christine Benz from Trumpf was our keynote speaker for the evening. The special guests included Dr. Hans-Georg Wolf and Martina Diesing from the Baden Wurttemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, Elisabeth Trnka-Hammel from Heidelberg University and Prof. Andreas Weissenbach from DHBW Mosbach.  From the German Consulate, Elisabeth von Wagner addressed the audience with remarks from the German Consulate in Boston. From the founding of the Eurotech program in 1993, Prof. Emeritus Richard Long (First Eurotech director), Prof. Hal Brody (Dean of Engineering at the time of founding) and Renate Seitz (Former director of the Baden Wurttemberg Exchange Program). It was great to celebrate a momentous occasion with former directors, alumni, students, special guests and corporate partners.

Brian Schwarz, Katherine Brody, Prof. Emeritus Richard Long, Prof. Hal Brody, Prof. Emeritus and former Co-director Marty Wood, Friedemann Weidauer, and Renate Seitz (from left to right)
Current Eurotech students (as of 2018)
Eurotech Alumni